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    League Rules

    All participants are required to adhere to the Rules of the Club league.

    All cyclists who sign on to race are subject to these rules and failure to comply with the rules may result in disqualification.

    DBCC Summer League Rules

    • Each Riders best 8 results will count towards the overall standings .
    • 1st rider receives 20 points, 2nd rider receives 19 points and so on. After 20th place all riders receives 1 point.
    • All DBCC entrants must marshal a minimum of two times.
    • 10 points are awarded for marshal duties.
    • 5 points are awarded for a mechanical breakdown, only in the second half of RR/TT/HC.
    • Each Rider MUST participate in a minimum of six events (includes Marshaling duties)  in order to be eligible to compete for the League Title and respective Age/ Gender Categories.

    Categories are:
    Over 40’s
    Over 50’s
    Over 60’s
    Junior (U18)

    • In the club category the points of the first 4 finishing riders per club will count towards the club classification.
    • Entry for each event is €5.
    • Each rider must have a minimum of a club competition license.
    • Each rider must show their license at sign on. You will not be allowed to race with out your license.
    • Sign on for individual races will close 15 minutes before the start. Riders who fail to sign on will be refused race entry.
    • The league will be held on open roads and all competitors must obey the rules of the road. Riders found to be breaking these rules or riding in a dangerous manner will be subject to penalty, which may include disqualification from an individual race or from the entire series. Decisions made on this matter will be made by the organisers and are final.
    • Hard shell cycling helmets are compulsory, no helmet – no race.
    • Earphones, Ipods, MP3 players etc. are strictly forbidden in all events. Riders found to be using these are subject to automatic disqualification.
    • Tribars are not allowed in road race events.
    • Each rider must have a rear light on their bike in order to take part in the TT.
    • Riders must wear their own registered team racing jersey or a plain jersey. Pro team clothing is not permitted under Cycling Ireland rules.
    • Road races will be run on a handicap basis with riders of similar abilities riding in the same groups. All riders will be given a fair and equal chance of competing and obtaining maximum points in the league. Handicap decisions are final.
    • All riders participating in the league must show respect to each other and the race organisers, any disrespect will not be tolerated.
    • Failure to comply with any of these rules and regulations may result in a rider being disqualified from the event or the entire league.
    • The club reserve the right to refuse entry to any person.

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