• 03May

    Sunday Spin Rota May/June

    At a recent Committee meeting, it was decided to continue with a Sunday Spin rota through the Summer months. We appreciate the fact that many people will be taking part in events during this period so if you cannot lead on your allocated date, try and swap or ask someone who is not listed. Can group leaders please post routes in advance during the week. We usually see a drop-off in the Sunday Spins during the summer months, but the aim this year is to keep them going strong.


    Date Departing from…. Red Group Blue Group Green Group
    7th May Donegal Town Sean Curran Ed Wiazewicz Paul McGroary
    14th May Donegal Town Tom Dunleavy Linda McHugh Eamonn McGill
    21st May Donegal Town Michael Bryson Alfie Mannion Sean McGrory
    28th May Ballyshannon Roger McCauley Mick Cahilane Terry McIntyre
    4th June Donegal Town Kieran Meehan Paul Gillespie Adrian Pollard
    11th June Donegal Town Roger McCauley Greg McHugh Jim McCabe
    18th June Ballyshannon Kevin McGlynn Josie Boyle Joe Coyle
    25th June Donegal Town Drew Gillespie Bruce Pingree Finbar Boyle

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